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Title:First Shopping Trip

Characters:Dad + Baby!John



Sausage. Eggs. Bacon. Bagels. Cream Cheese. Orange juice.

Definitely what was needed on a normal morning. That was a solid and hearty breakfast for a business man on the go. You’d been in business school for a while and finally had a nice little job – you were just getting some experience till you got ahold of the family joke shop your mother ran. You didn’t have the same passion for it she did, but it was still a fine place to work and it was your family legacy!

But that’s not how things turned out is it?

That meteor had destroyed the joke shop and your mother along with it. Now you no longer had the family business tied to you – that was a plus at least – but now you had a kid.

And he was a bright and beautiful little thing, with blue eyes like your mothers. He was very happy and energetic and seemed to love that giant book he’d fallen with. It’d crushed your mother but he didn’t need to know that – it wasn’t his fault he couldn’t guide the thing, poor baby. You put that book away in the safe to keep him out trouble with it. You’ll find a smaller version for him – there’s probably an abridged copy somewhere! He’d love it.

Sausage. Eggs. Bacon. Bagels. Cream Cheese. Orange juice.

Was that really an appropriate breakfast for a baby? It might be for a Dad on the go, but was it for a little one?

Sausage. Eggs. Bacon. Bagels. Cream Cheese. Orange juice. Formula?

Was formula really healthy for babies? Maybe he was too old for that. There was a lot of research you’d seen on it in the many different newspapers you perused daily. You made sure to read all of the articles – even if they didn’t apply. Now you wish you remembered more of them. Did he need to be breastfed? Would you have to find a nanny? How would you explain away his mother?

Looking at him, he didn’t seem to really be a formula baby. He was big enough maybe he could have real milk? Maybe. That could probably be safe. He was pretty big – maybe not a newborn – he already had hair after all?

Sausage. Eggs. Bacon. Bagels. Cream Cheese. Orange Juice. Formula? Milk.

Milk was good for a growing boy. And he did look like he had some growing to do! The fine lad was chewing on your finger as you pushed the cart along the store, trying to keep him comfortable and quiet as you went to get your regular amenities. You were perfectly fine in the department of normal household goods – it was normally just breakfast foods you ran out of sooner than other things! You always stocked up very well on dinners.

Ah but…you weren’t just eating or holding onto things for one adult anymore were you? You’d be moving into your mother’s old home soon. She had a lovely yard and a tire-swing you’d used as a child and it was a decent little place. It’d be better to raise a child there than in a one room apartment. Presently you had the baby sleeping in a little temporary crib in the main room. You were lucky you’d found that so cheap so soon!

What else would you need then? So many things.

Sausage. Eggs. Bacon. Bagels. Cream Cheese. Orange Juice. Formula? Milk. Diapers. Clothes. Toys. Baby Food.

Wait…you couldn’t buy baby clothes or toys in a grocery story! You don’t know where you got a silly thought like that. You’d have to get those somewhere else later. And probably on your next paycheck – you’d need that promotion at work soon. Lucky they were planning on giving you one. Maybe they’d be more willing with your situation now being a father. They might see you as a good upstanding citizen for taking in a baby who had been orphaned in the same accident that killed your mother. Poor baby needed things! Maybe you should apply for government aid? Just till you get that promotion.

You push your cart along a little further and little John seems attracted to the colored boxes of cereal. He’s patting at the different colored boxes of things on the walls – you’re pretty sure it’s not just a cereal thing. He kept trying to grab at a box of gushers and hug it. You actually had to put that in your cart to buy it – he gummed through one of the corners! That couldn’t be sold regularly now. Could babies even eat gushers? Well, you’d find out.

He was a good baby really – pretty quiet. No one seemed to mind he was shirtless – it was only April so the weather was getting warmer, thankfully. Maybe you could get the clothes a little later. The food and toys would have to come first. Really, not so bad! You’d just have to pick things out a little!

Sausage. Eggs. Bacon. Bagels. Cream Cheese. Orange Juice. Formula? Milk. Diapers. Clothes. Toys. Baby Food. Gushers.

Looking at your cart, you are pretty sure you can’t afford all this. Food’s expensive. Diapers are expensive. Hell, what’s really expensive? Funerals. Your mother was naturally cremated and you had to collect her in a jar before the wind came and blew her away! Thankfully little John – you took to calling him that at some point, it was such a nice solid little name – held the dustpan for you while you brushed the ashes in. He’s a good baby.

You really can’t afford all this though. Maybe next week.

Sausage. Eggs. Bacon. Bagels. Cream Cheese. Orange Juice. Formula? Milk. Diapers. Clothes. Toys Baby Food. Gushers.

You’d just have to cut out your meat for a bit! Eggs had plenty of protein. But…caring for a baby and working full time? Did you really have time to cook in the morning? That probably wasn’t a thing. Looking down at that little one – he was gurgling around the box of gushers’ corner again – you knew he couldn’t just be left. You’d have to work around it!

Sausage. Eggs. Bacon. Bagels. Cream Cheese. Orange Juice. Formula? Milk. Diapers. Clothes. Toys Baby Food. Gushers. Protein bars.

There, that looked like a good list! You brought your cart up to the front and the girl at the front blushes at you and says your hat is nice and your son is adorable. You speak warmly to her – man, when was the last time you had a date? Welp, better not think about that. You did see that gorgeous woman a few months ago with that pink scarf – she was quite the looker and seemed interested. But you didn’t even catch her name, let alone her number so that was nill. Besides, you had your son here to worry about first! Girls like babies but now is not the time for girls! You are a responsible man thank you very much!

As you pack these things and your baby into the car – he’s finally managed to get into the pack but is baffled by the individual packs of gushers – you are pretty sure you’re going to be ok. Hey it’ll be a bit of saving for a bit and a lot of work, but you are a great businessman! And a great family man too! You’re sure you’ll be a great Dad.

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