Land of Tangle Buddies and Squishy Piles
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Title: Cape Hiding

Characters: Karkat + Dave

Pairings: Davekat hints???

Warnings: Very mild language

Three years is a long time. A really long time. Like a monumentally huge amount of time to be around the same like five people. Especially for people used to living mostly alone for a good portion of their lives. Or people who had lived alone for a while but then were shoved into a big and very close group for a short time, then had that taken away. It can really drive a person to seek company in all kinds of ways and places.

That’s probably what drew Karkat to start seeking out Dave. His feelings for Terezi were too conflicted for him to really get anything settled suitably; Kanaya and Rose were too engrossed in each other and research on things he wouldn’t care about if it came up and stabbed him in the face; The Mayor was of no use to try and have any sort of meaningful conversation with; and his moirail was AWOL. That left the one person he was pretty solidly sure about how he felt for – Dave Strider. Whom he wanted to beat with a book on cultural sensitivity and awareness till he started looking like a troll from the bruising. The irony of that situation completely escaped him, though truth be told, had Dave been aware of it, it’d have escaped him just as much.

At one point, Karkat had realized grabbing onto Dave’s cape was an easy way of catching him off guard. Unlike Eridan, who had always walked with some vaguely practiced grace when wearing the item, Dave actually had a bit of awkwardness to the article of clothing, showing his lack of experience with wearing anything even close to swishy. Which really, wasn’t all that surprising – everything in his wardrobe was tight fitting and made to either look sleek or moveable, why would he want to be caught dead in a strife with something easily latched onto. But a part of him, a very strange part he didn’t quite get really enjoyed that cape, so Dave kept it on his clothes. The troll tried to use whatever methods he could to use it against him, but it seemed even not being sure of it, Dave could still work with the damn thing, which Karkat found after being suplexed onto a table and out of the item at one point. That’d been great. Still, just like the blonde had a love for wearing it, Karkat had a strange fascination with messing with the item, though he denied it was more than just wanting to exploit the weakness.

It was at one of these instances where he tried to exploit it, that Karkat found himself in a very…strange position with the blonde. When trying to find a new way to use that stupid cape against Dave, that the mutantblood ended up sneaking up behind him and crawling under it while the blonde was standing in the kitchen trying to make a sandwich with that ridiculously mythical item known as ‘mayo’ – stupid Mayo, that wasn’t REAL! Still, the troll had misjudged just how much room there was under a cape – and promptly found himself partly curled up on the floor against the other knight’s legs.

“fuck is this against my leg when did i get a creepy pet” Dave mumbled as he looked down at the troll and promptly reached down to poke at him and try to get him to go away. It was a little harder to do without damaging his foodstuffs, so he had to be careful. “what are you even doing under there”

Busted! Karkat attempted to think of a brilliant way to get out of this – he was their fabulous leader after all! He had to get out of this and not look like a dumbshit. That would just be bad. Think, think!


“right yeah get out of my cape and stop trying to get in touch with your inner cat side there karkitty it aint helpin you maybe try for the beep beep part” the blonde commented, sticking the knife in his mouth as he spoke and screwed the cap back on the mythical whipped topping product.


“…you feel up cats that is just fucked up man”


That was the point where the troll tried to stand up really fast and ended up tripping over the cape he was curled under. Dave had barely any time to grab onto the counter to steady himself. So Karkat ended up flopped on his butt, legs sticking out of the cape, and his head against the soft inside of Dave’s knees, the cape flopped over him like a blanket. And he just did not care anymore. He was redfaced, pouty, and humiliated – AGAIN!

“STUPID CAPE. STUPID HUMAN. I DO NOT KNOW WHY I WASTE MY PRECIOUS INCREMENTS OF TIMESPACE ON YOUR WORTHLESS GAPING BREATHHOLE.” he hissed, attempting to hold back his frustration – that’d just make the stupid jerk win.

Maybe it was having the pouting troll against his knees in such an odd way…or maybe sandwiches just put Strider in a great mood but he seemed to contemplate this for a moment before cutting his sandwich in half and reaching under the cape to drop the half in Karkat’s lap.

“shut up and stop hiding under my cape ive told you not to touch it bro” he commented, eating the other half of the sandwich.

Karkat stared up at him and nibbled it with a pouty expression for a while. When Dave finally walked off, he tried to will himself to shout good riddance to the human…but found himself missing the warmth and comfortable atmosphere of being close to the human. He tried to just think it was the stupid red cape that made him feel safe – and promptly ran off after the blonde to climb under the cape once more as Dave sat on the couch to ‘chill’. Karkat even managed to steal the remote from under there at one point and put on one of his movies. This got them into a new discussion of whether or not Dane Cook was a worthwhile actor – he completely was, what was this ingrate thinking? - and Karkat eventually flopped victoriously across Dave’s legs with the cape thrown over him to shut him up. All in all, a decent win for the troll at last!

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